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That process was easier than he expected, but those ballots can still be challenged. Sebastian Santos, 20, said Pennsylvania’s new mail-in voting system was stressful. He said he requested a ballot multiple times and never received one. Many in line and elsewhere in Northampton County apparently had the same idea. One county election official, who didn’t want to be identified, said polls, including this one, were quickly running out of the forms needed to surrender a mail ballot to cast a vote in person. Smith said he’d like to see elections officials take their time and get the count right.

Robert Smith, 82, who cast his vote for Biden, also kept with tradition to vote in-person. He also wanted to make sure his vote got in — he was worried about mail-in ballots arriving in time. Trapold exercised his right to open carry at the polls Tuesday, but said he often carries a sidearm.

His decision to have his gun on him today wasn’t out of the ordinary, he said. Several of those waiting said it was their first time voting here, instead of at smaller locations where the wait is normally shorter. Twin sisters Bev Febbo and Barbara Simpson, 59, said they didn’t trust the mail ballot process and wanted to be sure they cast their votes in person.

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Once the scanning process 100% completes restart your PC and check if the CPU usage comes to normal. It might also be some malicious processes that are running in the background and making Windows think that it’s necessary to utilize CPU a lot. A quick virus check with either defender or Malwarebytes might wikidll.com/hauppauge-computer-works be helpful. Votebeat reporter Tom Lisi stopped at Edinboro Community Building, about 18 miles south of Erie. Several voters leaving said the line grew to about 50 people by the time polls opened. Aaron Conley, an IT director and supporter of Democrat Joe Biden, said that’s a bit more than a normal presidential election here.

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The good-government group Common Cause Pennsylvania, which is fielding issues of potential intimidation or suppression at the polls, reported around 10 a.m. Teaching them about the voting process does have its challenges, she said. Bouch didn’t want to share who she voted for, but described her votes as a “mixed bag” cast for different parties depending on the race. She prioritized issues like protecting the environment, along with safety for first responders and Second Amendment protections. “It’s hard to know exactly what the impact would be,” Boockvar said, noting that the Department of State has issued guidance to counties to segregate mail ballots that arrive after 8 p.m. Workers search a database, and if there isn’t contact information, they try to find another way to reach the voter. If the elections office can reach a voter about a problem discovered today, the person may have time to go to their polling place before it closes and cast a provisional ballot, Anderson said.

The rest will be counted in the coming days, but today’s process will stop at 11 p.m. Workers in Erie County are expected to process about 10,000 mail ballots today, out of roughly 51,000 returned, said County Council Member and Board of Elections Chair Carl Anderson III. In an interview Tuesday, Mel Newcomer, Lancaster County’s assistant solicitor, said those ballots will be processed, as long as the U.S. Supreme Court decides otherwise, the law currently requires that those ballots be processed. That is because Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court in September extended the deadline by three days for counties to receive mail ballots, as long as those ballots are postmarked by Election Day. The state’s justices said even ballots that don’t have a legible postmark should be counted, as long as they arrive by day’s end on Nov. 6. Lancaster County will process mail-in ballots that arrive within three days of polls closing, despite remarks by a county commissioner suggesting that they won’t be opened until the U.S.

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